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Brand Experience
When it comes to making a good impression, it's vital for your company to have a brand that is memorable. What you must aim for now is for that very brand to withstand the test of time. The Cheezemark brand consultants with their extensive expertise in strategy formulation, positioning, visual identity development, marketing communications, brand management and execution are ready to help you reach that goal.
Brand Strategy
Brand Strategy While you might've come up with a product or a service that is bound to change the face of a particular sector as we know it, what follows next is an ironclad strategy prepped to catapult your brand and product to your customers' attention. Our strategizing experts shall work on plans that will enable you to transform your products and services into powerful brands and position your brand in the competitive market place.
Visual identity development
Visual Identity Development When it comes to making a lasting positive impression, it's all about the presentation and the visual ID of your brand is a symbolic portrayal of your company, its values and its services. At Cheezemark, our visual identity experts work towards developing successful visual identities that best represent your company, your products and your distinctiveness.
Bizcomm / Marcomm Collateral Design
Bizcomm/Marcomm Collateral Design Marketing Communications is all about the messages and media that you would like to convey to your market. Our strategic and creative execution services are designed to devise integral communication touch-points for target groups to make sure all messages are expressed and transmitted in the best way possible.
Web & Portal Development
Web & Portal Development Here we assist you with designing a 'one-stop shop' for everything your customers need to know about you. As advertising helps support your company's sales and improves profitability, we help you further by incorporating all aspects of campaign development, including strategy, creative media planning and buying, placement, and performance metrics.
User Experience
This is where we make it all about the customers; happy ones, to be more accurate. Here we work towards making sure that all user experience is delightful, memorable and satisfying, By taking into account the best practices across a variety of fields like visual design, information architecture and usability, we strive to create excellent user interfaces.
Information Architecture
Information Architecture Design When it comes to navigation through a website, no one likes to get lost in a jumble of mazes, dead ends and cryptic options. Unless, it's a website for mazes of course. Your website must be organized and consistent to reflect your company's goals. Our experts are trained in organizing information into logical structures that make sense specially to your users, successfully avoiding all kinds of confusion.
User Interface
User Interface For a further effortless viewing of your website, you must aim to ascertain that your customers reach out to your products with ease. User interface is the gateway through which users interact with your products or services. The interfaces that we build are both pleasurable for users and give you a competitive advantage.
Usability & Functionality Design
Usability & Functionality Design No matter how hard one tries, perfection is almost always a step away, But doesn't stop is from trying anyway. The essence of usability testing is to test-drive your solution and provide you with feedback. We evaluate your website and suggest pointers on improving your application.
Interaction / Visual Design
Interaction / Visual Design Interaction and visual design is all about creating a face for your brand and building an emotional connect with your user. We orchestrate these interactions and designs as per your business goals and customer expectations.
Customer Experience
Customer experience is a complex process of understanding your organization's relationship with your customers. Our Customer Experience approach encompasses a series of customer interactions - your brand, offerings and touch points and draws upon a foundation of decades of client work and research.
Customer Acquisition
Customer Acquisition A company is only as good as the number of the customers and amount of attention it is able to garner for the services or products that it provides. Here at Cheezemark we work with tools such as PPC and Media Buy in order to generate a good amount of attention and awareness about your products as well as your company as a whole.
Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement Once you've reeled in your target group, your next move is to keep them interested and engaged, something that is definitely easier said then done. The techniques that we adopt to make customer engagement a success include Chat Support and Loyalty Programs, Methods such as these focus entirely on the customer, their requirements, suggestions and especially their complaints. The key to the Cheezemark technique, is its personal approach
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